Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lots Of Faces

As we do every week, we spent time together in "family time" this past Saturday night in my home. Usually, we read and pray as a family. This time my daughter Shannon had us discuss the water project and do something creative to help us realize the importance of it.

She had us write down how much each of us was planning on giving. Then she dropped a stack of magazines on the floor and we cut out faces from magazines--one for every dollar we were going to donate to the project. We taped the faces together and hung them on a wall in our home. Now every day we walk passed over 300 faces...and we're adding to the number each day.

Realize how much impact your involvement will make!
For only $3500, a new well can be provided to a needy African village.
Currently, we have raised approximately $1500--we need you to give!

If you'd like to give financially toward this project, please email us.

For more info, read the "introduction" below or go to the water project.